All my prefolds are made with 100% cotton flannel, in a variety of solids and prints. Dimensions run the same as other standard prefolds; Preemie, (9.5"x13") Infant, (12"x16"), and Regular, (14.5"x20.5"). Preemie has 5 middle layers total, Infant has 6 middle layers total, and Regular has 6 middle layers total. This is counting the outer layers of the prefold.

Prefolds will now be sold ONLY on an instock basis. I will try to make more to have available as instock, but at this point I am pretty busy making other things. I'm sorry for any inconvenience!

**Shipping Information**


ubppf.jpg (145324 bytes) Preemie Unbleached Flannel Prefold. $2.80 apiece. 3 instock!

ubrpf.jpg (151937 bytes) Regular Unbleached Flannel Prefold. $4.20 (These are very large and heavy!) 1 instock!

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