My Crochet Projects


I wanted to show the projects I've been working on in the last few months.

blueafghan3A.jpg (49353 bytes)

This is one of the larger blankets I made. I kind of made up the pattern as I went along and if I may be permitted to brag, I think it looks nice ;) Of course blue is my favorite color, so that's another reason I really like it. :)

greenafghan2A.jpg (48065 bytes)

This is the same pattern as the blue one.

rainbowblanketA.jpg (68400 bytes)

I made this blanket smaller, since it was for a baby. No, I didn't make those different patterns in it on purpose, it just came out that way! Evidently my gauge changed a bit occasionally. Both this blanket and the one below were made with variegated yarn.

redwhiteblueA.jpg (89594 bytes)

This is another baby blanket. Again, the pattern changes in it were simply a nice accident! :)

allblanketsflashA.jpg (63331 bytes)

All four blankets together.

Below are some other blankets I've made in the past.

crochetrainbowA.jpg (69256 bytes)

RainbowCrochetA.jpg (59973 bytes)

The blanket on the left, I made for my parents', and the one on the right I made in 5 days, for myself! (We were on a long vacation, sitting in the car for hours at a time, which is why I could get it done so fast.)

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