Cover Sizes

These are my "generic" pattern measurements. As always, I am more than happy to custom-make a diaper or cover if your child needs a special size. If none of these measurements are right for your child, email me with their waist and rise measurement!

When measuring a child's rise, put on a diaper and cover that fits them as well as possible. Then measure over that to get the correct rise for a cover.

Preemie special-order
Newborn Rise: 13"

Waist: 13"

Middle: 5"

Small Rise: 14.75"

Waist: 15"

Middle: 5"

Medium Rise: 16.75"

Waist: 18"

Middle: 6"

Large Rise: 19.25"

Waist: 20"

Middle: 6.5"

Extra-Large Rise: 21"

Waist: 20"

Middle: 7"

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